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Models of residential developments for display, sales and planning purposes.
Computer controlled, fibre optic and cool neon lighting can be incorporated into the model to provide realistic and dramatic effects. Lighting can be effected for the entire model and for individual apartments.
Models of banks, office blocks and business centres.
Models can be internaly lit and lift out sections made to facilitate internal viewing.
Shopping Centres:- 
Models of shopping centres, external and internal layouts.
 Mixed Development:-
These are models with elements of both residential and commercial developments.
Local Authority, Hospitals and Schools:- 
Models of schools etc, many for PFI competitions and local authority planning.
Resorts and Leisure:-
Models of hotels, villas and villa complexes, flats and marina developments.
Over the years we have made models of airplanes, boats, oil rigs, advertising displays, prototypes, turbines and engineering structures.
We have also made film and video props .