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We can prepare masters and replicate them in resin or white metal. the minimum quantity depends on the complexcity of the part.

CNC cutting.

For a high degree of accuracy required for modern designs, the design can be taken directly from CAD and reproduced in plastics, timber or metal.

Injection moulding.

For high volume reproduction we can produce the mould and accurately replicate thousands in plastic.                                                                       

Laser Cutting.

For accurately cutting and etching plastics and timber veneers.

Vaccum forming.

We can produce the mould and the part in clear or coloured polycarbonate, Perspex or hips.

Packing and Air freight.

We have exported a great deal of models over the years and these models are usualy packed in foam lined flight cases with appropriate handles and casters. We can undertake all the delivery and insurance arrangements.


We can supply you with digital and hard copy photographs of your model. We use professional photographers who can fulfil most requirements from standard photography to endoscopy and post production.
Local Photographer

Pacer CNC



Mercury Laser